Lesson 3: Nice to Meet You !

Learn what to say in French when you meet people for the first time and how to introduce other people. Look up the words and do the interactive exercise at the end check your knowledge of the vocabulary from the dialogue.

1. Dialogue

Nice to Meet You !

Alberto, un garçon italien, va à l’Université il a cours de français. Sur son chemin il rencontre Marc, un ami français.

Marc: Salut Alberto !
Alberto: Salut Marc ! Comment ça va ?
Marc: Ça va bien. Et toi ?
Alberto: Moi aussi, merci.
Marc: est-ce que tu vas ?
Alberto: Je vais à la fac. J’ai un cours de français dans une demi heure.
Marc: Alberto, je te présente Marie. C’est une amie.
Alberto: Enchanté Marie !
Marie: Salut Alberto !

2. Notes




3. Exercises

Explanation of the exercise

Translate the following sentences

1. How is it going ?
2. How are you ?
3. Fine, and you ?
a) It goes well, ...
b) I'm (going/doing) well, ...
4. I’m going to the uni.
Je .
5. (Let me) introduce you to Marie.
6. Nice to meet you !
7. He has got his French lesson at the University.
Il à l’Université.
8. Where are you going ?



4. Homework

  1. Read the dialogue out loud several times (3-5  times). The same goes for the pronunciation exercise.
  2. Using what you have learnt in lessons 1 and 2, write a short dialogue between Marie and Alberto. Write the possible questions that Marie could ask Alberto and make up the answers for Marie too (her age, nationality, where she is going).


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