Easy Japanese NHK Review

Easy Japanese NHK Method Review

I was thinking of adding the exercises  for Assimil Japanese With Easy the same way I did with the other Assimil booklets. While searching for some available pdfs online of the method, I have come across Easy Japanese NHK. I was struck by the simplicity and the clear composition of the lessons this method offers.

The difficulty and the challenge for the creators of any method of foreign language acquisitions lies in the burden of the material to be processed by the learner. It is also how useful the material is to the learner. If he or she feels it is too much or that the things to be learned are irrelevant for them, they will quickly abandon. This is in my humble opinion one of the main reasons the people abandon learning languages.

It is  particularly visible with languages that posses different writing systems, like for example Japanese, Chinese or Arabic. Our brains quickly become overloaded with information: not only are there new words, grammar and pronunciation structures to remember, but also new writing systems. In the case of Japanese there are three of them. No wonder that our brains quickly get crammed and unable to process the input. The motivation to learn must be proportional to the amount of things to learn, or even bigger.

In the case of Easy Japanese NHK, the amount of things to be learned is carefully balanced. Enough to keep you motivated without the sensation of the overwhelming quantity of thing to remember at each lesson. The lessons are really complete, with mp3, pdf lessons and the explanations of some cultural aspects.

The downside of the method, or rather the website, is the absence of the interactive exercises. That is where simple-french and h5p may be helpful. I will try to add some interactive exercises so that you can regularly practice the Japanese language.

Link: https://www.nhk.or.jp/lesson/english/learn/list/