Chinese Tools Lesson Exericises

A Very Concise and Powerful Method

(In The Featured Image: Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China by moerschy) is for me the clearest, the easiest and straightforward method of chinese that I have ever used. It is clear, clean, and simple in use. Again, it is my personal opinion.

It provides everything: a down to earth material that it suitable for beginners, and especially those who want to travel to China and be able to communicate a bit.

It covers the most frequent language situations, basic but important Chinese characters and audio recordings.

Very important, all the lessons are in the form of a dialogue.

The only drawback in my view is the lack of interactive or printable exercises. This is how I would like to contribute to the popularity of that website, as well as of the Chinese language learning.

This is how I learn chinese, by doing interactive exercises for

Chinese Tools Lesson 1

Chinese Tools Lesson 2

Chinese Tools Lesson 3

Chinese Tools Lesson 4

Chinese Tools Lesson 5 (Countries, Nationalities) 

Chinese Tools Lesson 5 Part 2

Chinese Tools Lesson 18  (Family, Professions)