Apparence physique: Physical appearance

French Vocabulary Appearance

French vocabulary to speak about somebody’s appearance, how someone looks and how she / he is dressed.

English French Example Translation / Help Prononciation
look style, look Marie a encore changé de look. Marie has changed her look again.
appearance apparence Pour beaucoup de gens, l’apparence est primordiale. For many people, appearance is paramount.
casual décontracté Il a un style décontracté. He has a casual style.
smart / elegant élégent Quelle que soit l’occasion, elle est toujours élégante. Whatever the occasion, she is always elegant.
“soit” is subjunctive of the verb “être” (to be). “Quelle que soit …” is a French fixd expression.
out of fashion démodé Elle porte un vieux manteau démodé. She is wearing an old-fashioned old coat.
fashionable / trendy à la mode Ce que tu portes est très à la mode. What you wear is very fashionable.
to look tired avoir l’air fatigué Tu as l’air très fatigué. T’as pas dormi ?   You look tired. You didn’t sleep ?
to look sad avoir l’air triste Elle a l’air triste. She looks sad.
to look like …. ressembler à Il ressemble à Jean Reno. He looks like Jean Reno.
figure silhouette Elle a une jolie silhouette. She has a nice figure.

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Nice Books to Read in French

Books in French

Why Bother to Read in French ?

Reading is a great tool in language learning. It is both pleasurable and pragmatic. Reading stories that you like is not only a great language builder, it can also be a great motivator to move forward in your language learning.

However, what I find great in reading, even difficult French texts, is the suspense, the discovery I’m making with every word I’m learning, with each comprehension of each sentence that is building up as I progress through each page. That feeling is awesome. It feels like I’m deciphering some coded message.

Choose the Book YOU like.

What some of us may not realize, going through a story in a foreign language is a great vocabulary builder. Of course, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of words you need to look up. It is also advised to write them down for better memorization. Very often language learners do not consider reading a book in French as an option because of this.

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Les filles d’aujourd’hui, Joyce Jonathan

Lyrics Les filles d’aujourd’hui, Joyce Jonathan

Listen to the song and drag the missing French words. This is an easy version of the exercise. It consists of the first two verses of the song and the chorus.

It’s a great vocabulary exercise in describing people as it uses lots of interesting adjectives used in everyday French.

You should also pay attention to the liaison (la liaison in French) that is quite a distinctive feature of the French language. You should, no …,  you must use the liaison while speaking French as it makes your speech more fluent and native like. It is true whatever the language by the way.

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Basic but Essential French Verbs Test

basic French verbs test

Essential French Verbs

Each language has its number of the most important words. Their usefulness is related to their meaning and their frequency. Here we will concentrate on 10 essential French verbs. These are:

  • pouvoir
  • devoir
  • vouloir
  • savoir
  • dire
  • aller
  • faire
  • prendre
  • donner
  • comprendre

I already wrote a post about the essential French verbs a while ago, so if you want refresh your memory on the translation and the example sentences with there words, you may read the post here.

The test

This test is a compilation of different sorts of questions. You will see a drag and drop question, fill in the blanks and a multiple choice questions. I hope it will help you improve you vocabulary.

Test Your French Before You Travel to France


Basic French Test For Travellers

The summer holiday is coming and maybe you are planing to visit France.

Even though France is a great, multicultural country, speaking English with the locals is far from being the reality.

That is why I invite you to check your knowledge of some basic expressions and and words in French that are essential before visiting this country.

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