French Vocabulary: Les vacances à la plage

Summer is here and this year you may be heading for France for holidays. Here is the first list of the common French words (with exercises) that you will need while at the beach in France

Vocabulary with audio: 



1. bronzer 

1. to tan / to get tan / to sun

2. nager 

2. to swim

3. plonger 

3. to dive, to plunge.

4. faire la planche 

4. to float (lit. to do a board)

5. un coup de soleil 

5. sunburn

6. l’ombre 

6. shade

7. les lunettes de soleil 

7. the sunglasses

8. les vagues 

8. waves

9. le sable 

9. the sand

10. un matelas gonflable 

10. an inflatable mattress



Exercise 1: 

Exercise 2 A: 

Exercise 2 B: 


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