100 Useful Beginner French Sentences and Expressions

I have been always wondering what is a good way of starting to learn a language.  The answer is: many. Or even better: whatever the method, the result is all that counts.

Can you say you have learned a language knowing 100 sentences in it ? Certainly not, but it gives you a good picture of what the language looks like.  It also allows you can express the most basic demands and understand them, introduce and speak about yourself, buy things, understand some of the swear words, and above all, use the vocabulary and structure from these 100 sentences to create hundreds of new sentences, or even possibly an infinite number of them, if we refer to Chomsky : ).

Some statistics to show how much of French you will learn

  • Sentences: 100
  • Words: 490
  • Unique French Words: 241
  • CEFR level: A1


I have created 100 useful French sentences and expressions to provide something for beginners to start with, to help you grasp the language and get some practice before travelling to France for example. You can also use it to check whether you have the CEFR A1 level in French.

The sentences are divided into 17 categories to make it easier for the learner to find a particular expression. It makes learning the expressions easier too.


  1. Speaking About Yourself
  2. Travel
  3. A the hotel
  4. At the train station
  5. Occupation / Work
  6. Family
  7. Greetings and Polite Words
  8. At the café (ordering drinks)
  9. At the restaurant
  10. At the airport
  11. At the shop
  12. Survival Expressions
  13. Taking a Taxi
  14. Being Lost
  15. Small Talk
  16. Gap fillers / Keeping the Conversation
  17. Swear Words / Impolite Words

In the list of sentences you will find a bit of everything:

In Terms of the French Vocabulary: 

  • introducing yourself (name, age, origin, work)
  • asking for price,
  • buying the train ticket,
  • small talk
  • at the airport, hotel, café
  • asking for directions
  • some swear words (yes, they are a part of the language too)

In Terms of French Grammar: 

  • conjugation of the French verbs in the present tense (Le présent de l’indicatif, in French)
  • a bit of the French past tense (le passé composé)
  • French personal pronouns
  • creating questions and answering them

I tried to create a series of posts including these 100 sentences but it was just too much so I decided to compress it into one post, with the PDF available to download.

The List of 100 French Sentences

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Download the Free PDF

100 Useful Beginner French Sentences and Expressions PDF

Click on the link below, add to the card, provide your email adress and your first name and you are done : )


French Drills 

If you fell like you need something solid and tangible to learn these 100 French sentences, you may have a look at the drills I have created to help you learn them in a hard albeit efficient way : ).

100 Useful Beginner French Sentences and Expressions Drills

Test Exercises

Sentences 1-50

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