Lesson 7: French Basic Words and Expressions 2: Requesting, Thanking, Apologising.

Learn the basic Greeting words in French. If you want to start with something really simple or if you just want to to be speaking some basic French words to be polite with the French people on your journey to a French speaking country, then this lesson is for you. You may also see this lesson as a reminder of the words you had learned long, long time ago. Have fun !

1. Basic French Words: Requesting, Thanking, Apologising.

French English
1. s’il te plaît Please ! (informal, friendly)
2. s’il vous plaît Please ! (formal, polite)
3. Merci Thank You !
4. Merci beaucoup !   Thank You very much !
5. De rien ! (formal)  You’re welcome !
6. Il n’y a pas de quoi Don’t mention it ! (friendly)
7. Je vous en prie You’re welcome ! (polite)
8. Excusez-moi Excuse-me / Sorry ! (formal, polite)
9. Je suis désolé I’m sorry !
10. Désolé (I’m) sorry !

2. Notes

The same as in the previous lesson with Greetings.

3. Exercise

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4. Homework

  1. Read all the words aloud 5 times. Read the words slowly, exaggerating the sounds with each word. Make a short break (5 seconds) after each reading.
  2. Learn the words by heart. (You need to hit 100 % in the translation exercise above without any help)
  3. Imagine in what situations could these words be used.

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