Arrestation de suspect clé des attentats de Paris et de Bruxelles

Arrestation de suspect clé des attentats de Paris et de Bruxelles.


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English French
The suspect has been arrested Le suspect a été arrêté
The most wanted man L’homme le plus recherché
The French authorities Les autorités françaises
the man in the hat l’homme au chapeau
The police have arrested four men. La police a arrêté quatre hommes
He might have been in contact with the suicide bomber. Il aurait pu être en en contact avec le kamikaze
Dragnet (A system of coordinated procedures for apprehending criminal suspects or other wanted persons.) Coup de filet
if we are to believe the recent statements … si l’on en croit les dernières déclarations


The sentences are not 100% exactly the same as in the article you have read / watched but they are built around those in order to make them easier for you to understand and remember.

Do the translation exercise until you get 100% of correct answers at one go. Come back regularly to check your knowledge and reinforce those synaptic connections !

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