Basic French Verbs

10 Basic French Verbs

In this lesson you will learn 10 besic albeit probably the most important and the most frequent French verbs.

It is always wise to start learning any language by trying to master the most frequent verbs as they they allow to express the most important needs.

The list below doesn’t include the two key verbs in most of the languages: to be: être, and to have: avoir. These verbs have a separate article dedicated to their meaning and their conjugation.

These verbs are also the most useful for a tourist or someone going to France and who would like to know the basis.



can / be able to

Je peux le faire. I can do it.


must / need to

Je dois parler français. I need to speak French.


to want

Je veux aller en France. I want to go to France.


to know

Je ne sais pas quoi dire. I don’t know what to say.


to say

Je dis ce que je pense. I say what I think.


to go

Je vais à Paris. I’m going to France.


to do

Tu fais du sport. You are doing sports.


to take

Je prends un taxi. I’m taking a taxi.


to give

Je vous donne 10 €. I’m giving you 10 euros.


to understand

Je ne comprends pas. I don’t understand.


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