Les filles d’aujourd’hui, Joyce Jonathan

Lyrics Les filles d’aujourd’hui, Joyce Jonathan

Listen to the song and drag the missing French words. This is an easy version of the exercise. It consists of the first two verses of the song and the chorus.

It’s a great vocabulary exercise in describing people as it uses lots of interesting adjectives used in everyday French.

You should also pay attention to the liaison (la liaison in French) that is quite a distinctive feature of the French language. You should, no …,  you must use the liaison while speaking French as it makes your speech more fluent and native like. It is true whatever the language by the way.

“_” stands for the liaison between two words. A very simple way to be able to perform the liaison is to think as if the second word of the couple that contains the liasion actually started with the last letter of the first word. This way, “sont_énervantes” from the first line would be pronounced as ” son tévervantes”. The accent is on the “t” 

This way in the first stanza you have:

  • sont_énervantes
  • trop_hésitatntes

Even if you are a more advanced learner of French, you will appreciate this nice song [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy” wrap=”i”]

Here is the link the complete lyrics of the song. It’s on Google Play Music. I have no affiliation with it. I just like the way the lyrics are presented.

The Song and the Lyrics Exercise

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  1. Lovely song and so clear for beginners! Thanks so much for the exercise. But I am a proofreader and I ask you to correct Drag and Drop the Missing Words. Begginers to ‘Beginners’ please :)

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