Describing Weather in French

Weather Vocabulary in French

This lesson is A1 CEFR lesson to describe the weather in French in a simple way.

To speak about weather in French, there are three simple ways to do this. You can use either “Il fait + adjective”, which literally means “It makes cold / hot / bad / etc.”, or you can use “Il y a ….” (There is ….).

There are 12 sentences in this lesson followed by a quiz and exercises section.

Quel temps fait-il ?

What’s the weather like ?

Il fait froid.

It’s cold.

Il gèle ici !

It’s freezing here !

Il fait chaud.

It’s hot.

Il fait mauvais.

The weather is bad.

Il fait beau.

The weather is nice. / It’s sunny.

Il y a du soleil.  

It’s sunny. (There is some sun.)

Il pleut.
It’s raining.

Il pleut des cordes.

It’s pouring down. / It’s raining cats and dogs.

Il neige.

It’s snowing.

C’est nuageux.

It’s cloudy.

Il y a du vent.

It’s windy. (There is some wind



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