Apparence physique: Physical appearance

French Vocabulary Appearance

French vocabulary to speak about somebody’s appearance, how someone looks and how she / he is dressed.

English French
style, look  look
appearance apparence
casual décontracté
smart / elegant élégant
out of fashion démodé
fashionable / trendy à la mode
to look tired avoir l’air fatigué
to look sad avoir l’air triste
to look like …. ressembler à
figure une silhouette

French Sentences

English French Example Translation / Help Prononciation
look style, look Marie a encore changé de look. Marie has changed her look again.
appearance apparence Pour beaucoup de gens, l’apparence est primordiale. For many people, appearance is paramount.
casual décontracté Il a un style décontracté. He has a casual style.
smart / elegant élégent Quelle que soit l’occasion, elle est toujours élégante. Whatever the occasion, she is always elegant.
“soit” is subjunctive of the verb “être” (to be). “Quelle que soit …” is a French fixd expression.
out of fashion démodé Elle porte un vieux manteau démodé. She is wearing an old-fashioned old coat.
fashionable / trendy à la mode Ce que tu portes est très à la mode. What you wear is very fashionable.
to look tired avoir l’air fatigué Tu as l’air très fatigué. T’as pas dormi ?   You look tired. You didn’t sleep ?
to look sad avoir l’air triste Elle a l’air triste. She looks sad.
to look like …. ressembler à Il ressemble à Jean Reno. He looks like Jean Reno.
figure silhouette Elle a une jolie silhouette. She has a nice figure.


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