Getting Around in Paris by Metro

If you travel to Paris, the chances are that you will take the metro. It is one of the cheapest (the cheapest one being walking) and definitely the fastest mean of transport. The aim of the first dialogue is to give useful phrases of everyday French in the context of the Paris metro situation. The exercises are not only meant to check the understanding of the dialogue but also make the learners do the effort of trying to find the answer by themselves. You can either look them up on simple-french website or on the Internent. The bigger the effort, the better the results. Be careful with the French names of the stations ! They can be tricky to pronounce !

In the Dialogue 2 you will learn how to buy a metro ticket. When you buy tickets, it is really straightforward. So don't worry too much about it. You will also find some challenging exercises to be fully prepared for your stay in Paris. 

Dialogue 1

Voyage en métro à Paris:

A: You B: Your Friend

  • A: Alors, on est ici, à la station Montparnasse Bienvenüe et on doit aller dans les grands magasins, aux Galeries Lafayette.
  • B: Tu sais quelle ligne de métro il faut prendre ?
  • A: Oui, ça parait compliqué mais ça ne l’est pas. Alors Il faut qu’on prenne la direction "Asnières", on descend à "Miromesnil", là c’est une correspondance. On prend ensuite la direction "Mairie de Montreuil" et on a 3 arrêts jusqu’à "Chaussée d’Antin Lafayette". C’est très simple.
  • B: Très bien. Allons acheter les billets de métro.

Paris Metro Entrance
Paris Metro Entrance


Exercise 1: 


Exercise 2: 


Exercise 3: Challenge 

What line numbers of Paris Metro are they talking about in the dialogue? 

Métro de Paris2 [RERTRAM]

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